Prevent Exploitation: Send a Child to School

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Keep children in India in school and out of the hazardous conditions of child labor. Help us reach our goal of $420 to send one child to school for a year!

218 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 are involved in child labor, worldwide - 126 million of which work in hazardous conditions, where they may endure beatings, humiliation, and sexual exploitation by their employers.

Your generous donations have previously funded the cost of school, transportation, and a daily meal for one child! Our goal is to continue supporting children worldwide. With your support, we can continue to send more children safely to school through the NEST program.

In India, child labor is just one inevitability in the cycle of poverty. When families struggle to put food on the table, children are sent to work to earn extra money for the family to survive. But it is the system of child labor that lowers average wages, and leaves adults in low-paying, unskilled work, or out of work completely. Employers can pay children much less, and find their size and agility ideal for hazardous physical work such as mining and manufacturing jobs. Kept out of school, these children are unable to get high–skilled work as adults, and the cycle of poverty continues.

Education is key in fighting human trafficking and child labor, so the children of India can grow up to a better future. The NEST (Non-formal Education & Skills Training) Program is working to establish schools in impoverished communities, where the children are most vulnerable to exploitation.

You can help. Your donation will benefit the NEST program, covering the cost of school, transportation to and from NEST along roads too dangerous to walk, and a daily meal. Just $1.50 sends a child to school for one day.

Update from the Field
January 2018

"In a land where being born as a girl is a bad thing, I gave birth to 5 girls and was humiliated and tortured because I was unable to have a boy. I used to constantly worry about how I was going to bring up my girls. I could in no way dream of sending my kids to school. But I'm so very thankful to the NEST program. Three of my girls have access to education."–Boomika's Mother

Boomika and a Sister

Four-year-old Boomika is a bright, caring child, who loves to sing, color, and play on the swings. She is the third of five girls in her family, born to migrant construction workers from North Karnataka, who came to Bangalore looking for work. Boomika's older sisters Lakshmi and Pooja are also students at NEST, fortunate to have access to education in a region that values child labor above schooling, and fails to provide basic necessities such as bathrooms for girls.

Through the NEST program, children like Boomika and her sisters are getting a chance for a better life. NEST works to end the cycle of poverty and exploitation by providing education as well as nutritious meals and vitamin–enriched drinks to ensure that the children in the program do not experience malnutrition, and the side effects that hinder proper education.

The mission of Rippled Purpose is to seed hope around the world through education and love. They work with local change–makers to establish schools in impoverished communities, where children are most vulnerable to exploitation.

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