Send Girls in the Philippines to School for a Year

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Give girls in the Philippines access to the education they deserve. Help us reach our goal of raising $750 to send six girls to school for a year!

Despite some economic growth over the last few years, the Philippines remains a poor country, with millions of people living in extreme poverty. Despite the fact that public education is available, many children are forced to dropout because families cannot afford to buy school uniforms, books or supplies. In fact, 5.5 million Filipino children work instead of going to school. While any child laborer is at risk of being exploited or abused, girls are especially vulnerable. Every day, hundreds of thousands of underage girls are forced to work in the sex industry, either in their home country or abroad.

In-visible is dedicated to bringing real and lasting change to children in poverty. This initiative starts with education. In-visible helps children like Jhoanna, whose family has a combined income of just $64 per month. Without receiving scholarship assistance, Jhoanna's family simply cannot afford the $150 per year tuition required to attend school. With your help, we can give children in the Philippines a chance to receive a quality education.

For just $15, you can cover the costs of tuition, school uniforms and supplies for one girl for a month. Help us send six girls to school!

Consider making a monthly gift. When you give just $15.00 monthly, you ensure that a girl in need in the Philippines has a permanent scholarship until they graduate.

In-visible's primary mission is to bring real and lasting change to children living in poverty. They accomplish this by creating partnerships with communities and implementing programs that ease their daily struggles, invest in their potential, and provide them with the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated and prepared to succeed and contribute to society.

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