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Help TWO Soldiers take their beloved Lunas home! Luna Lou and Luna C, were both rescued in war torn areas of Afghanistan. The soldiers that saved them have never met, but they both named their new best friends Luna, because the pups reminded them of the beauty of the moon. 

Both Lunas are a light of hope for their soldier dads, a companion to play with, love and care for. The soldiers know that the pups won’t survive without them and desperately want to take them home…one to Florida and one to North Carolina. Luna Lou’s soldier dad: "I would love to bring this little beauty home and give back to her the love she has given me in this war-torn place.” Luna C’s soldier dad: "I want to bring Luna home so that I can give her a better life, and a forever home.” Help our deployed soldiers rescue, care, and transport rescued free–roaming and abandoned dogs and cats—like the Luna pups (above) who want to go home with their soldier dads.

In Afghanistan and Syria it is common for dogs and cats to suffer from abuse and neglect. Many animals are free roaming with no families to turn to for help. If an animal is lucky enough to find its way to a U.S. base and is befriended by the soldiers, then the base becomes the animals' home and finds love for the first time in its life. partners with Puppy Rescue Mission (PRM) to help these animals as it would be devastating to turn them back out into the wild when many have never known a different way of life.


In the words of PRM founder, "No soldier should ever be faced with the decision of leaving their beloved animal behind." These companions make our soldiers lives better. Their unconditional love is critical to the morale of our troops. In return, our soldiers want to save their companions from the dangers of neglect and cruelty and transfer the dogs and/or cats back home to safety to live in their loving homes.

PRM responds to soldiers requests for help by transporting their animal companions. Costs constantly change as a result of working in a war zone, in a third-world country, and at a great distance. Any dog or cat has to have a thorough medical exam, vaccinations, and a health certificate to be able to transport. Each animal also has to have a kennel or crate to transport them safely while flying.

You can help! Just $10 helps prove veterinary and transport needs of an adoptable animal being sent to a veteran for adoption.

Puppy Rescue Mission, Inc. (PRM) mission is to fund-raise and assist in animal rescue, foster and re-homing when needed, in particular animals bonded with soldiers, especially those deployed in war zones. We assist with requests, logistics, administration and fund-raising for the adopted stray dogs of war rescued by and bonded with soldiers. This may include vet care, supplies, transport and related issues. We work with or through other organizations that help our soldiers bring their companion animals home from war.

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