Safe Menstrual Kits for African Girls

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Help give menstrual kits to young women in need in Uganda!

Millions of women around the world go without Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM). Lack of access to sanitary pads lead some women to resort to using dirty rags, ash and cornhusks during their menstrual cycle. In developing countries, many adolescent girls (ages 12-18) stay home from school during their menstrual cycles. In rural Uganda, over 50% of girls over the age of 12 miss school every month.

To address this sensitive need, MCODE (Mission for Community Development Uganda) distributes reusable feminine hygiene kits to girls who need them. Each kit contains two sets of four (4) absorption cloths with holders, as well as soap and panties. Developed by Days for Girls International, these kits are made by thousands of volunteers around the world or by local women filling the need for their own community. Not only are these kits safe and effective, they can last up to three years.

You can help. Just $7.00 provides sanitary supplies for a school girl for an entire year.

MCODE's mission is to "empower needy individuals in order to improve their lives and promote community driven development." MCODE strives to attain this goal through supporting needy children to attain formal education and life changing vocational skills, and raising awareness of the community members on health, social and economic issues.

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