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You can support the education of Syrian refugee girls! Help us reach our goal of $3,000 to send ten Syrian refugee girls to school for a year.

Many young Syrian refugees living in Jordan face obstacles to attend school—more than 75,000 refugee children in Jordan do not receive formal schooling. School related costs for transportation and supplies can be out of reach for refugee families. Many young refugees drop out of school to work, because nearly 60 percent of Syrian refugee families rely on the money they earn. Additionally, many of the children face intense psycho-social challenges because of the trauma they have experienced.

Here at, we want to give Syrian refugee girls the opportunity to learn and go to school so they can have a brighter future. You can help us educate Syrian refugee girls like Khaldiya, who was forced to flee to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.


 "I want to be a person who makes change in the world, who makes it better. I would love to be a person who is important in the Zaataris community because they really need girls who are like me and my friends. In our society, it's different for men and women. The man is allowed to give his opinion, and do whatever he wants, unlike the girl. People in the camp think I'm rebelling against my family and my culture. I'm trying to convince them that society has changed, it's developed, the world has moved forward... So when we started to work on our talents and started photography, writing and filmmaking, our goal was not to defy society's rules. Our goal was to change them. It's not impossible to spread awareness. Every human is programmed to change, if we use the right approach. This is my hope, not just for my future daughter, but for all of the girls around us."

You can help support Khaldiya and other refugees like her! Your donation will support classes for remediation, transportation, and supplies so she can go back to school and earn an education. Donate today!

About Girls' Voices

Girls' Voices, a Signature Program, empowers girls to utilize videography to raise scholarship funds to complete their secondary education. Our goal is for girls around the world to connect to their voice. We teach each Girls' Voices scholar to use the power of digital media to create images, stories, and visual metaphors that can communicate their strength and potential to the world.

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