Protect Endangered Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest


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 Help us restore land along the Snoqualmie River to protect endangered wild salmon and hundreds of other species that call the river home!

The 43–mile Snoqualmie River and its tributaries provide critical riparian habitat to countless species in the Pacific Northwest, including orca, wild salmon, songbirds, raptors, beavers, and crucial pollinators like bees. Their survival depends on the health of "buffer" areas to separate the waterways from the farmed land that surrounds them. Without a buffer, the river suffers from agricultural runoff, high sediment loads, and unsuitably warm water. Planting trees along the river protects the ecosystem from these damaging forces, while providing shade to keep the water cool, and habitat to sustain the rich biodiversity of the area. partners with Stewardship Partners' Adopt–a–Buffer program to work to protect and improve the environment for all the wildlife that call the Snoqualmie River home. They do this by partnering with local farmers in the area surrounding the river. While ensuring local farmland remains economically viable, the volunteer program plants native trees and shrubs to restore the habitat.

You can help. Just $10 plants 2 trees. Your donation today helps to plant trees along the river to protect the threatened orca, wild salmon, and all the species that depend on this habitat in the Pacific Northwest!

Stewardship Partners creates people-based solutions that engage Puget Sound communities as caretakers of the land and water that surround and sustain us. For nearly 20 years, Stewardship Partners has been shifting the paradigm of environmental work toward restorative action. We have worked on habitat restoration, green infrastructure, certification and regional coordination to achieve our mission and we develop tools to measure progress of ourselves and partners.

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