Make a Dream Come True for Sandra


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Thank you for helping us reach our goal of sending 4 deserving girls to school for a year!

Our goal is to continue supporting these 4 students through the completion of secondary school. Join us in our efforts to send them to school for another consecutive year! 

UNICEF estimates that 1 out of 3 girls in Cameroon are married before they turn 19. Education, or lack thereof, is strongly linked to the prevalence of child marriage: 79% of women aged 20-24 are not educated. As in many other countries, poverty influences child marriage rates. Girls from the poorest 20% of families are 6.5 times more likely to be married before 18 compared to the richest 20%.


That's why giving the gift of education is so important. When you give a girl like Floriane a scholarship, you are investing in her future and helping to end the cycle of poverty in her community. Floriane is one of the four girls your donations provided a scholarship for ! She is a 14-yea-old girl living in Douala, Cameroon and has been living in an orphanage since she was 7 years old, after her father abandoned her and her sister. Floriane dreams of getting an education, but her orphanage does not have the funds to pay for her tuition and school supplies. She loves writing, singing, and art, and wants to be able to use her creativity to better her life and her community.

September 2018 update in Floriane's Words

" We are very grateful for your kindness. Your help and support keep us in school and provide us with supplies we desperately need. As girls living in a developing country, we face multiple challenges in our daily life so your generosity and continuous support means so much for us, shape our future vision, strengthen our self-confidence. We start back to school this week in hope and happiness, because we know that somewhere there are people who really care about us, you are the one."


We need your help to send 4 girls like Floriane to school for a year. Help us reach our goal of raising $1,021 to give 4 girls the opportunity of a lifetime. Your donation goes directly to Positive Youth Development, helping them give 4 girls like Floriane access to the education they deserve.


Invest in girls' education by making a donation today!


Make your donation of $5 or more an ongoing gift by checking the "Make this a Monthly Gift" box before adding it to your cart, and you will keep girls like Sandra and Floriane in school, month after month.

Positive Youth Development Organization supports education and socio-professional fulfillment of underserved African youth through collaborative and community-based grassroots projects. PYSD uses technology to help youth in Africa acquire 21st century skills valuable for their social inclusion as well as personal and professional development, through workshops, media making and exhibition, art crafts training, and support to social and humanitarian actions by volunteers, partners and donors.





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