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Cheri is a 16 year old girl living in the town of Beudet, Haiti, where she attends Project Edeline — a school that was built after the devastating earthquake of 2010. 

Help us reach our goal of raising $1500 to fully fund the remainder of her secondary school education!

Funds raised over the goal amount will help other deserving girls like Cheri attend school in Haiti. 


"Thank you for teaching me how to look through a camera" – Cheri 

Like most families living in Haiti in the wake of the 2010 earthquake, Cheri's is extremely poor. Her school, Project Edeline, provides her with food, healthcare, clean water, and a place to learn.

Cheri is the oldest student at her school. She spent most of her childhood without any access to education, but desperately wanted to learn. Determined to go to school, Cheri approached Monde, the principal of Project Edeline, and begged to be admitted. Monde agreed that she could join the Institute, but told her she would have to start at the beginning of her education, putting her in classrooms with much younger children.

Cheri rose to the challenge. She embraced the opportunity for education despite the difficulties, and continues to be a hard working student. Being able to be a part of Girls' Voices has allowed her to think artistically about her world, and tell her story of pushing for an education. She is grateful to be at Institution Edeline Felizor and continues to dream about where her education can take her.

 With your help, Cheri can continue her education, and achieve her dreams.

Cheri is a Girls' Voices Scholar!

Cheri participates in Girls' Voices,'s signature girls’ empowerment program ensuring that girls around the world complete secondary school and gain the confidence they need to succeed.

During Girls’ Voices, Cheri learned media skills to tell her story. She made this video, called "School and Family," to show the world a little piece of what she sees on a daily basis, and to explain how much education means to her. Cheri latched on to the camera right away, and discovered that she loved documenting and creating portraitures of her daily life.

Watch her video now to hear her story.


About Girls' Voices:

Girls' Voices is a Signature Program of intended to raise funds for girls' secondary education through media made by girls. Our goal is for girls around the world to connect to their voice, their dreams for their education, and use the power of digital media to create images, stories, and visual metaphors that can communicate their strength and potential to the world. The intention of this project is to empower girls to utilize videography to raise scholarship funds to remove financial barriers to completing secondary education.



About Youth Without Borders:

Youth Without Borders is non-profit organization with a goal to provide a free education and support to the children in Bouquets, Haiti.

Project Edeline is dedicated to helping transform a small community in Haiti by providing education, clean water, and food to the children of Beudet, Haiti. Institute Edeline is a K - 6th-grade elementary school established to provide education to children in need with the intent of sending these children into healthy professions to restore economic hope and stability in the region.

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