Safe Haven for Children Rescued from Human Trafficking


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Help provide basic care and safety for children rescued from human trafficking.

Across the world, children are kidnapped and sold into the human trafficking trade and forced to do unthinkable acts.  Many children who are fortunate enough to be liberated, are faced with the unfortunate reality of not being able to return home and ultimately have nowhere to go. partners with CREER-Africa to provide children who have escaped from slavery with a safe place to eat and sleep. C.R.E.E.R., located in west Africa, provides a safe haven and care for these trafficked children who have come from all over parts of Africa. Most of them arrive to C.R.E.E.R. beaten, starved and plagued with the emotional and psychological pain of their trauma.  CREER takes these children to get medical attention upon arrival and provides a healthy, well-balanced diet. Crucial to their survival, however, this care is costly.  Please help these kids survive as they journey on their path to become a child again.  

You can help. Just $10.36 provides shelter, food, and sanitation products for a child liberated from human trafficking.

157 children have recently been rescue from human trafficking in west Africa, and CREER is near by to provide the basic care for these children. Your donation helps these children in desperate need.

CREER, (Centre de Reinsertion et Education pour les Enfants de la Rue (Centre for the Reinsertion and Education of Street Children) is a non-profit transit centre in the Ivory Coast providing a safe haven for trafficked, exploited and abused children from across West Africa.

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